Remember that time you forgot to open Slack?

I’m guessing you got a lot done and felt a sense of calm as you slipped deep into The Zone. After a little time passed, you began contemplating why your day was going so smoothly — and then, with a sigh, you figured it out.

It’s no coincidence disconnecting from real-time chat was so calm and productive.

No falsely-urgent push notifications were competing for your attention. No ever-present red dots were enticing you to dismiss them. There were no virtual taps on the shoulder that could have waited until later.

What if this way of working was the norm instead of a happy accident?

Introducing Level: an alternative to real-time chat designed for the software development workflow.

I’ve spent the last five years at Drip using Slack for team communication. It felt lovely at first, but before long became a source of anxiety for me and many of my colleagues.

When it came time to decide what product to build next, I couldn’t get this problem out of my head. I asked myself, “Is Slack the best we can do?”

The answer is a definite no. As a developer, I know our tools can do so much more to protect our maker time. That’s why I’m building Level.

How Level is different

Email is too siloed, too formal, and too slow. Chat is too urgent, too interruptive, and too disorganized.

Level is the happy medium between chat and email.

  • Every conversation is threaded
  • Every person has a carefully-curated inbox
  • Every interaction is asynchronous by default
  • Notifications are only sent for time-sensitive things
  • Going into synchronous mode requires deliberate action
  • Presence indicators only exist in synchronous mode
  • The product is source-available

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